Fire SpawningEdit

is a very simple and easy process using only two lines of code per fire.

Starting AddressEdit

pfire = 0x08BE3A20;

This will allow you to use pfire later on in the creation of fires. Add + 0x40 for each new fire to be spawned.


pfire + 0x00 char/boolean

Set this to 0 for it to be invisible, any non zero value for it to be visible.


pfire + 0x10 float

This controls where the fire where be placed in X, Y, Z format.

Here is an example:

#cheat Spawn some Fires
pfire = 0x08BE3A20;
setchar(pfire, 1);
setfloat(pfire + 0x10, 314.57, -168.91, 26.13);
pfire += 0x40;
setchar(pfire, 1);
setfloat(pfire + 0x10, 356.07, -169.03, 26.13);

pfire is a variable that holds the address to the first fire we are spawning.

0x08BE3A20 is the location of the first fire in memory.

Spawning a fire uses these two simple lines:

setchar(pfire, 1);
setfloat(pfire, x, y, z);

The first line makes the fire visible.

The second line simply moves the fire to the given X, Y, Z coordinates.

For each new fire after that you must move 0x40 in memory, so use this line:

pfire += 0x40;

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